I receive a 'Error #62' when opening a *.stk file. The file you are opening may have been created with an earlier version of OCP.  OCP version 2.8 can only read OCP 2.8 files.
I receive a 'Component Missing Error' or the OCP exhibits a fatal error.

OCP requires certain support files to be present in your operating system.  These files may have been inadvertently removed from Windows or you may need to have them updated.   The update is a 1 Meg file from Microsoft.  Open the following link and follow instructions.

Download here

Optimization doesn't improve when I move the Optimization Lever to the right The OCP Optimization lever adjusts the search space of  the search engine.  A better solution is not always available.  
OCP reports that it is unable to cut some stock pieces. Cause:
An insufficient stock quantity was specified. 

If quantity is not on-hand then specify a zero quantity.  OCP will then generate an order list for those sizes.

The Optimization is set too low for the particular cutting job and OCP was not able to find valid cutting arrangements for all stock sizes.

Increase the Optimization level.

The installation wants to replace system files. 

What should I do ?

Certain system library files have been updated by Microsoft since earlier versions of the operating system.  If your operating system does not have the latest versions of these files the installation program will prompt you to install the updates by replacing the older files.  Allow the updates for installation to proceed.
Why do cutting results sometimes seem worse after I add more stock ? Cause:
OCP wants to cut smaller stock sizes if the cutting scrap is shorter than the scrap on longer stock sizes.  This goal prevents an accumulation of unused smaller stock lengths when cutting with larger stock lengths.  That is, it will favor using up small stock sizes over creating larger scrap pieces. If this were not the case then you would accumulate an inventory of shorter stock lengths over time.

Eliminate the smaller stock items temporarily from cutting or ordering if this behavior is undesirable. 

Why do cutting results sometimes choose shorter stock lengths over longer stock lengths? Cause:
OCP wants to cut shorter stock sizes if the shorter stock cutting scrap is shorter than the longer stock cutting scrap.  This goal prevents an accumulation of unused smaller stock lengths when cutting with larger stock lengths.  

OCP does not give scrap any particular value since various scrap lengths have different values to different users at different times.  It tries to minimize the creation of scrap.  This is an important goal in the long run to reduce overall material usage and ordering over multiple cutting sessions.

Eliminate or reduce the smaller stock items temporarily if this behavior is undesirable. 
Note that this may also cause more stock material to be cut or ordered and the percentage of scrap to increase.  We recommend eliminating or adding stock sizes, if possible, to search for a better solution.

How do I favor larger scrap sizes over smaller scrap sizes when ordering material? Tip:
In this case we want to minimize the overall (total) scrap length while favoring larger scrap lengths over smaller scrap lengths.
  1. Run a cutting solution with your proposed stock list.
  2. Note the overall stock material length in the solution order list
  3. Note the percentage scrap
  4. Reduce or eliminate the available quantity of the shorter stock lengths
  5. Rerun the cutting solution
  6. Compare the total required stock material length and the percentage scrap - repeat 4 & 5 until both the order list and the scrap length profile is favorable to your needs.
What is the Optimal Solution? Tip:
There may be multiple and equal optimal solutions to a cutting problem.  As long as the total required material is at a minimum and the percentage of scrap is also minimum we have an optimal material solution. 
Invalid License message


OCP looks for the 'ocp.lic' file. If you have more than one of these on your hard disk then you may get this message.

Delete all ocp.lic files except the one in the OCP program directory.

If you have more than one OCP directory, through multiple installations, remove the OCP installation by using the Add/Remove Programs Control in your Control Panel. Delete any other OCP directorys on your computer.  Then reinstall OCP and add your 'ocp.lic' file to the OCP directory.

OCP examines the 'ocp.lic' file. You may get this message if this file is corrupt.

Copy the 'ocp.lic' file you received when registering your program into your Program Files\OCP directory. This is the directory which contains the 'ocp.exe' file.